Rough water re-entry and rescues

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Rough water re-entry and rescues

Postby BigSmoky » Tue Jun 17, 2014 12:18 pm

When we were out on Sunday we practiced some rescue drills that you can use in absence of having the ability to roll.

We did paddle float re-entry and a T-Rescue.

It was great fun but I've been wondering if I could do it when it matters.

Does anyone fancy finding out what its like to do a re-entry when it's a bit rough?

I'm thinking we could pick a day when its a bit rough (plenty to choose from I'm sure) and head off somewhere to give it a go.

Ideally we would pick a location where there is a bay/sheltered area so we could hit rough water to practice then retire to a sheltered area for a breather.

Obviously we need a few of us to do this so that we are safe so this hinges on who's interested.

Your guaranteed to get your hair wet and (probably) have a good time ;)

Nick Scots
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Re: Rough water re-entry and rescues

Postby Nick Scots » Fri Aug 01, 2014 8:47 am

The Arisaig trip may have time for a rescue session in the Traigh bay, swell can run in but it's shallow and a sandy beach.

The next FSRT that happens is a good time for learning lots of these skills. Getting back in a sea kayak without a paddle float is tricky !

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